What Mbps is? What does connection speed mean?

Broadband speeds are measured in ‘megabits per second’, often shortened to Mb p/s or Mbps.

The higher the number of Mbps (megabits per second) you have, the speedier your data transfer is (for example: user with a 6 Mbps broadband service takes 20 minutes to download a particular movie file, user with a 12 Mbps broadband service should take 10  minutes to download the same file) or more simultaneous users or downloads the service will support (for example: if on a 6 Mbps broadband service  one person watch Netflix and another person tries watch Netflix on another device in the home, you may get some congestion. If you have a 12 Mbps service, it will easily support both).

How to check connection speed?

When you find your connection slow,

  1. Power off router and turn back on.
  2. Make sure to disconnect all other devices from the internet.
  3. Make sure you have a good wifi coverage: at least 2 out of 5 bars or 40% or more showing on wireless icon.
  4. Go to www.speedtest.net and tap ’’GO’’ in the middle of the screen.

Why my BB is ’’slow’’? (congestion issues)

The speed of the Internet connection is divided among all devices at home. Several devices connected to the Internet at the same time affect the speed available for each of them depending on the running application


If you have heavy downloads , such as games or software updates, it affects the speeds across everybody’s devices.

   DOWNLOADING GAMES can take up to entire connection speed and affects the speed for all other connected devices taking over all speed limit even if it’s 12, 18 or even 30Mbps. In addition, games are very large files easily forty to even hundredth times larger than one standard video file, e.g. one game takes 30 to 80 GB and one 90 minutes movie about 0.7 GB.  

   SOFTWARE UPDATES running in the background, downloading files automatically can also affect the connection speed. Software updates can be running even when a device is idle.

  1.        TV / VIDEO STREAMING  

Video streaming services takes minimum about 3-4 Mbps of speed depending on the quality of the video for one device, so the more devices in use at the same time, the greater the probability that it will be difficult to achieve the required speed on each one


The connection speed is shared between all the devices in the house, so when someone watching a movie on a laptop, someone else browsing the online store, another downloading a game, etc. at once, even a high speed may not be enough for a smooth service on each device

  1.        WIFI COVERAGE

Devices connected to the wireless internet must have a good wifi coverage to work with  required speed, (at least 2 out of 5 bars) 40% or more showing on wireless icon. If the range is less than 40%, it means that the device is too far away from  the router and can not work at full speed. Sometimes the construction of the house, eg. very thick walls limit the range.

  1.         WEBLOCK OR BUMP

When the data limit is exceeded, fair data usage applies.


Monthly Internet data usage is the amount of data (items like images, movies, photos, videos, games and other files) that you send, receive (download and/or upload) each month.

In order to ensure that our customers get the highest speeds possible, we operate a fair usage policy.

There is no extra charge if you exceed your contracted limit. Rapid Broadband’s procedure for data limits is as follows:

No change if the limit is exceeded by 20% for three months. If the limit continues to be exceeded, the customer is contacted about upgrading to a package with a larger usage limit or the next step takes effect, which is that the speed will drop during peak hours, which is approx 19:30 to 22:30. The greater the over usage above the download limit, the greater the speed reduction.

Current Fair Usage Limits for Max Wave Products

Rapid MaxWave Home

150    GB / Month

Rapid MaxWave Home Extra

250    GB / Month

Rapid MaxWave Home Plus

350    GB / Month

Rapid MaxWave Business

400    GB / Month

Rapid MaxWave Corporate  

600+    GB / Month

Rapid Corporate  

600+    GB / Month

Please refer to the limits for your Residential or Business accounts.

The data allowance will never be an issue for 95% of users.

What is the difference between REBOOT and RESET

Reboot means power down device.

We will only ever ask to reboot: unplug device for 30 seconds and plug back in to reboot broadband.

Reset button will wipe out all device settings to default.

How to REBOOT connection?

    1. Unplug the POE (small adapter with a single green light) for 30 seconds and plug back on. Note the POE is not router but is the power adapter which has a power supply connection and two Ethernet connection, one to the outside box and the other to the router.

    2. Unplug the Wireless Router (unit with aerial) for 30 seconds and plug back on.

And if applicable:

   3. Unplug Phone ATA (unit with phone plugged in) for 30 seconds and plug back on.

If still not working please contact office on 0238869000