Windows 10

Please note that we are receiving many support queries in relation to the free upgrade to Windows version 10 from Microsoft.
The issue is with the drivers for the wireless adapters in many older laptops. Please Google your laptop version and the phrase “windows 10 upgrade issues” before you upgrade. There are currently millions of hits on Google for the search “windows 10 upgrade problems wifi”.
If you still wish to proceed with the upgrade, make sure you have an ethernet cable that will allow you to connect to the internet directly in the event that the wifi does not work after the upgrade. These are available from electrical shops. You can connect your computer to the white Tplink WiFi router with this cable. Any one of the available ports (sockets) will work.
If you find that the WiFi does not work on your laptop but it works on your smart phone or TV, then the problem is an issue with the computer. You may be able to “roll-back” the upgrade. Failing that, a computer repair shop will be able to assist.
Only download drivers and support material from your manufacturer’s website, e.g. ,, etc.
Some users are upgrading from Windows XP. XP is not supported by Microsoft anymore but it is a stable operating system. We would suggest that these older laptops should not be upgraded to Windows 10. Getting Windows 10 drivers for these older computers may be difficult and driver download sites are notorious sources of viruses and malware.

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MaxWave currently rolling out.

MaxWave currently rolling out. Please contact our office or email you Eircode or GPS to