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Our Support Document should be downloaded to your Desktop and stored for future use in case you need to troubleshoot your connection.

Download Rapid Broadband Support Document

Your data usage

There is no extra charge if you exceed your contracted limit. Rapid Broadband’s procedure for data limits is as follows:

No change if the limit is exceeded by 20% for three months. If the limit continues to be exceeded, the customer is contacted about upgrading to a package with a larger usage limit or the next step takes effect, which is that the speed will drop during peak hours, which is approx 19:30 to 22:30. The greater the over usage above the download limit, the greater the speed reduction.

Current Fair Usage Limits for Max Wave Products

Rapid MaxWave Home
150    GB / Month
Rapid MaxWave Home Extra
250    GB / Month
Rapid MaxWave Home Plus
350    GB / Month
Rapid MaxWave Business 
400    GB / Month
Rapid MaxWave Corporate  
600+    GB / Month
Rapid Corporate  
600+    GB / Month

Please refer to the limits for your Residential or Business accounts.

Internet Safety, an anonymous reporting service for members of the public who accidentally uncover illegal content on the Internet, particularly child pornography or activities relating to the sexual exploitation of children. We would encourage parents to take a look at the website which provides handy hints and tips regarding internet safety.

Windows 10 and WiFi

Please note that we are receiving many support queries in relation to the free upgrade to Windows version 10 from Microsoft.
The issue is with the drivers for the wireless adapters in many older laptops.

See our article for more: Windows 10 article.

For lightning device protection please read our guide here:


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Download MaxWave Business Broadband Contract Form.    Download MaxWave Corporate Broadband Contract Form        

Download Home Phone Porting Form
Download Phone National Directory Database Form
Rapid Broadband SEPA Direct Debit Mandate Form
Download Rapid Broadband Support Document

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